Wiscom sheng Dong was selected to be a small giant in Shanghai

Date:2016年12月26日 15:07
  Recently, Shanghai Wiscom Shengdong Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Company, signed the contract of Shanghai "Technology Little Giant" cultivation project with Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and Shanghai Economic and Information Committee. This is Wiscom sheng East for the first time selected Shanghai "technology giant" cultivate enterprise.   The main purpose of the project is to speed up the cultivation of enterprises' technological innovation entities through government support and support, and to promote the technological innovation of science and technology enterprises. The "Technology Little Giant" incubation project was initiated by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Science and Technology and Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information. The selected enterprises must be scientific and technological enterprises engaged in product development, production, operation and technology (engineering) services in line with the national and Shanghai industrial development direction. At the same time, they need to have better enterprise innovation system, innovation mechanism and Adapt to the research investment.   Wiscom sheng East Wiscom technology as the main platform for distribution business, is now equipped with a full range of distribution automation product development, manufacturing capacity. Through the support and guidance of the government's "Little Giant" incubation project, Wiscom sheng will further enhance the independent R & D and innovation capability of the technology, seize the development opportunities in the field of distribution automation, provide advanced, mature, stable and reliable power automation products, For China's distribution network construction and make greater contributions.
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