Wiscom information successfully won the Nanjing Gaochun District wisdom traffic management system construction project

Date:2016年12月27日 15:02
  Recently, the subsidiary of our company Jiangsu Dongda Wiscom Information System Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid of "Intelligent Traffic Management System Construction Project of Nanjing Gaochun District", with the bid amount of RMB 59.38 million.   Gaochun District Intelligent Traffic Management System is a basic project of traffic management in Gaochun District. The construction of the project covers almost all the subsystems of large-scale intelligent transportation projects. The construction standards and technical specifications are in the leading position in domestic intelligent transportation industry. Full-featured, advanced technical specifications of the large-scale intelligent transport projects. After the completion of the project, it will realize "intelligent dispatching and dispatching, traffic law enforcement automation, public service diversification, electronic supervision and scientific management decision-making" in the urban area to improve road management level, safety and operation efficiency.   Nanjing Gaochun District Intelligent Traffic Management System Construction Project is a large-scale intelligent transportation project built in accordance with the standard of "Structure and Function of Public Security Traffic Integrated Command Platform" (GA / T1146-2014). It is also a good choice for intelligent transportation market in Nanjing and surrounding areas. With a significant demonstration of the significance and role of benchmarking will further enhance the wisdom of information in the wisdom of urban construction business brand influence and visibility.
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